The European Group of Surveyors (EGoS) was established in 1989 to represent especially non-geodetic surveying professionals in Europe. (Following a subsequent amendment of its statute EGoS represents now all geodetic surveying professionals as well.)

EGoS have 9 full members, 2 Associate members and 4 Observer members in surveying organisations representing approximately 260,000 individual surveyors in 15 countries.

The group meets bi-annually, normally over a two day period, and are active in workshops; to develop standards and mutual recognition of qualifications, to promote and develop Quality Assurance and best practice in surveying, To develop and promote training schemes for surveyors, and to collect and collate information on professional practice in relation to surveying and the associated fields.

The General assembly meetings are also held over the same period, which considers and formulates the prime aims and objectives of the group.

EGoS elect every two years, a President, two vice Presidents and the Secretary General.

Each Member organisation provides a representative to sit on the General Assembly meetings and who has a right to vote. Associate members are those organisations that are in negotiation with the EU for membership and have a representative who is able to participate in discussions and to help in the development of the Group.

Observers are associated surveying organisations that have an interest in the development of the Group but are outside the EU. They do not have a vote.

EGoS liaises with other similar Pan European organisations and where appropriate will make joint representation to the EU on European matters of concern to surveyors.

A subscription is payable for membership and associate membership at the rate of 1 euro per individual surveyor of an organisation with a maximum subscription of 5000 Euros for larger organisation.