The General Assembly of EGOS was held in Malta on November the 14th 2015.

In the elections that took place during the G.A. the new officers of EGoS were unanimously elected and are presented below:

President: Nikos Zacharias from Greece (HARSE)

Secretary General: Malcolm Lelliott from U.K. (FPWS)

A΄ Vice president: Florian Dietze-Romkens from Germany (VDV)

B΄ Vice president: Prof. Rahmi N. Celik from Turkey (CSC)

Honorary president: Randolph Camillieri from Malta (MIOS)

The new president warmly thanked the outgoing president, Randolph Camillieri, for the work that he has done all these years and asked him to stay on board for the new period in order to help EGOS with his knowledge and experience on the European matters.
Ηe also thanked the members for electing him as the new president and assured them he will work hard to achieve the goals of EGOS.