The last meeting of the General Assembly was held in Malta on 31st October to 2nd November 2014 and included a visit to Gozo.


The last assembly meeting of EGoS was held in Athens incorporating a cultural visit of Santorini 29th May to 1st June 2014.


The last Board Meeting of EGoS took place in Athens, Greece on 20/08/2013.
During this meeting they discussed current issues and set the agenda for the next General Assembly, which is going to be held in FYROM 15-16/11/2013.


Τhe last General Assembly of EGοS took place in Berlin on 23-25/11/2013.
The following issues were discussed:
• The problems EGoS is facing under the new conditions (economic crisis, reduction of funds of associations-members, multiple obligations of associations, etc.).
• The free movement of professionals in the free European market (EuroGeo Passport).
• Future expansion of EGoS.

It was also decided that the next General Assembly will be held in FYROM on 15-16/11/2013.


Individuals may register with EGoS if they are already qualified Surveyors, Engineers or students on a recognised Surveying course with the member organisations who are part of EGoS.
They are required to be paid-up members of their respective organisations. You are invited to commence the registration process by logging onto the EGoS home page and hit "register" and follow the path or you can click on the register button bellow. Your application will be ratified by the professional body with whom you are a member and by EGoS before you will be registered. The whole registration process will take a little time.

Malcolm Lelliott
Secretary General