European Surveying/Engineering Organisations from the 27 Member States or additional Countries that have applied or are in the process of applying to become Member States of the European Union may apply to become members of EGoS.
These can be State registered professionals, Private organisations or Educational Establishments that are engaged in the process of Training or Registering individual Surveyors within their Country.

EGoS is the acronym for European Group of Surveyors that was formed in 1989 to represent Surveyors and or Engineers of all disciplines with similar job functions across Europe to the minimum degree level of qualifications set by the First General Directive.

Qualification levels have moved on and the General Directive of Professional Qualifications 2005 is active and adopted by EGoS.

If you wish to be associated within a Group representing Surveyors in Europe; be a part of the development of improving the training of surveyors and the furtherance of training for established professional surveyors; provide a central registration for European Surveyors, then EGoS could prove to be the right organisation for you to join.

Depending on your organisations status you can apply for Full membership, Associate membership or an Observer.

If you provide services to Surveyors you may also qualify for Corporate membership and sponsor the seminars and meetings and at the same time represent your organisations products and services.

If you consider that you would like to be a part of this organisation please contact the Secretary general in the first Instant by clicking on the Contact bar above.


The launch of the EurGeo professional card for surveyors appears to be nearing a positive conclusion.
Following on from the EurGeo passport scheme that was introduced by EGoS about 15 years ago the development committee has decided to re-introduce the EurGeo as a professional card for European Surveyors and providing a central registration for all types surveyor that will be operated by EGoS and it's Members.
The member organisations from each European Country of EGoS will be responsible for confirming the qualification of an individual surveyor applying for the EurGeo professional card and the applicant will have to provide information on their scope, working practice and experience.
In addition a migrating surveyor would have to provide evidence to the the receiving host national body that they possess adequate skills in language, requisite understanding of relevant Law and appropriate construction knowledge.

  • Modernization of the European Professional Qualifications Directive
  • The role and future of the liberal professions in European civil society 2020
  • EurGeo Operating Rules Amended 14th April 2012
  • EurGeo Card
  • EU Parliament 2013 - Legislative acts and other instruments
  • EU directive 2013
  • Case Study - European professional mobility card for engineer



Short report on the Seminar held in Thessaloniki , Greece on 12th March 2011 providing subject and speakers.

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Individuals may register with EGoS if they are already qualified Surveyors, Engineers or students on a recognised Surveying course with the member organisations who form EGoS.
They are required to be paid-up members of their respective organisations. You are invited to commence the registration process by logging onto the EGoS home page and hit "register" and follow the path. Your application will be ratified by the professional body with whom you are a member and by EGoS before you will be registered. The process will take a little time.

Malcolm Lelliott
Secretary General


Quality Assurance - News

CIQA Limited have successfully obtained accreditation from UKAS for an Integrated Management System for Professionals in the Construction Industry. This includes ISO 9001 the Quality Management System and ISO 14001 the Environmental Management System. It is intended to add ISO 18001 the Occupational Health & Safety System in the near future.

Although the Integrated Management System includes both standards CIQA can offer ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 separately. Bill Cowap’s view is “that to achieve the original aims and objectives of free movement we should concentrate on the ISO 9001 standard at present leaving 14001 as a standard that can be added at a later date if required by legislation or demand.”

To advance the proposals the following sequence of events is being suggested:-

1. The Group Scheme should be amended by the representative Institution in each member country to take into account local laws and regulations. This will be in the form of an amendment page within the existing set of approved documents.

2. This will effectively create a group scheme within each member country.

3. Once agreed the Institution will market the scheme to its members badged as EGoS/the Institution/CIQA. CIQA will prepare the marketing leaflet and articles for inclusion in Journals/Magazines/etc. Translation will be by the member Institution

4. The main contact address for potential new members would be the Institution who would forward the details to CIQA who would prepare a quotation.

5. CIQA would prepare and maintain a database to inform EGoS and the Institution of take up.

6. In time a franchise could be established in each member country to administer the scheme should the take up and interest be sufficient.

October 2008