A seminar Titled "The Boundary" held in association with The Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE), Bergen university College and The Norwegian Association of Surveyors (NJKF)
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International Symposium on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Space-based and Ground-based Augmentation Systems and Applications.

The meeting will be held November 11-14, 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

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Nicosia, 6 of March 2008

General Assembly of the A.R.S.E.C – Elections

In the 27th of January of 2008 at Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol – Cyprus, the general assembly of the A.R.S.E.C. took place. During the assembly the elections of the Council of A.R.S.E.C. were conducted.

The term of every Council is set to be for two years. The new Council is constituted by the following members:

President: Antreas Socratous
Vice President: Elikkos Elia
General Secretary: Michael Michaelides
Treasurer: Kyriakos Nikolaou
Member: Panikos Kavazis
Member: Aristi Louka
Member: Stathis Perikleous
Reserve Member: Christiana Theodorou
Reserve Member: Maria Aristodemou
Reserve Member: George Vromovrisiotis

At the general assembly the former Council presented the economic review and also it´s accomplished mission. The former Council also discussed different issues that arose from the enforcement of the new Survey law. The new Council declares that it will put every possible effort to resolve every matter that was discussed in the general assembly and its primary task will be the establishment of the profession of the Rural Surveyor Engineer into the market.

Antreas Sokratous - President

Michael Michaelildes -General Secretary


EGoS and CLGE signed an Memorandum of Understanding on the 28th April 2008.
The Council of European Geodectic Surveyors (CLGE) and EGoS consider themselves as complimentry organisations in the field of surveying. Therefore, the organisations want to establish an enduring partnership to support their common activities.
The objectives:
1). Capacity building.
Indentify areas for cooperation and, as appropriate, implement joint projects to support:
-the education of surveyors to meet the requirements in the public and private sectors;
-continued professional development (CPD) and life long learning for surveyors.
2). Promotion of the role of surveying
-Share information and analysis relevant EU regulations and programmes;
Act together to promote the role of surveying within the above and international regulations and programmes;
Intergrate actions and visibilty towards the European bodies, International and National authorities as well as European consumer.

Members of the General assembly Istanbul November 2007

From Left to rights:
Bill Cowap - UK- QA
Kyriacos Nikolaou - Cyprus
Randolph Camilleri - Malta - Vice President EGoS
A. Fahri Ozten - Turkey
Guido Mosschella - Italy
Maria Grazia Scorza - Italy
Piero Panunzi - Italy - Past president EGoS
Kurt rieder - Germany - Past president EGoS
Basil Psarianos - Greece - Past President EGoS
Malcolm lelliott - UK- Secrtary General